Monday, October 20, 2008

Rich, Creamy, and Smooth

Okay, I promised I would write about the good in my life, so here goes.

1. I have been blessed with great people in my life, from my friends and family, too my extended family at work. For a long time I've struggled with a feeling of not being accepted, and looking at my life lately I've come to realize that God has truly blessed me with some great relationships.

2. In a time where nightly news reports talk about potential mass lay offs in the future I can't help but be thankful. I understand that having a job isnt important to life, but God has given me one, and it's one I love.

3. Even if I'm not a concert pianist or a master carpenter I do have skills that make my day to day life more enjoyable. I love music, and can even play some. I love food and am a decent cook. I love riding and though I wont win a Tour de France I have my favorite stretches of road right outside my window.

4. Life is a thing to be thankful for. Even though heaven is better being alive means God still has a purpose for us, and thats alot to be thankful for.

5. God's love is an oft overused answer, but it's true. The reason it's something to be thankful for is that all love we recieve is underserved.

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