Saturday, October 25, 2008

Holy Men Were Struck and Overwhelmed

These last two days have been crazy! Here that? C R A Z Y!

Here's a rundown of what started Thursday afternoon.

I was supposed to have Friday off, but on Thursday my boss asked if I could work a couple of hours as she had to take Robbie up to Stayton. "No problem", I thought. I decided to go with it and just wake up a little earlier to run my errands before work. Upon waking I started my day by skipping prayer and being in the word since I figured I'd make it up later in the day, My ex girlfriend sent me a message out of the blue, and I never got around to the scriptures.

So the score is

days in the word: 2 for 3

It should be 3 for 3, but I made the mistake of trying to fit God in my day, instead of fitting my day into my time with God.

There's so much in these last two days I could talk about, but its not what's on my heart right now. Truth is I've been pondering the idea of what a bond servant is again. I don't understand my natural reaction of abhorrence at being a slave to God. If I'm honest with myself then I really have no choice but to be a slave. My only choice lies in what I'm a slave too, sin or Christ.

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