Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its not about money

this post was supposed to be about the good things about life, but there's something else on my mind right now. I just watched a video that said we need to stop being consumers, and start spending money helping those in need. It then went on to say that with only 10 million dollars we could provide the whole world with potable water. I have no problem giving money to causes, but money won't fix things. People want to cure homelessness, so they give allot of money towards buying old hotels and apartment buildings to fix up into hostels, that the homeless won't even stay in due to rampant violence and substance abuse problems. Engineers spend lots of time and money building reservoirs for villages in third world countries, only to have the locals use it as a watering hole for cattle, a bathing area, and a refuse pit. We have this wide eyed view that we can fix all the worlds ills. Truth is better men have tried and failed, and it's all because we as humans can't fix the human condition. We are sinners, and the only person who can cure us is Christ. As long as there is sin in the world our plans will never succeed, we will never cure our condition. Should we stop trying? No. Let's be honest though we need to try, but we need to be honest that things will fail, and therefore our focus should be sharing the gift Christ gave us. You want to help the homeless, don't try to cure it, go and help them yourself, meet them where they are. Go to Africa or India and boil their water for them instead of giving them your money. Christ could have cured the world, but instead he met us where we are, and gave himself for us.

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