Thursday, October 2, 2008

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

Tonight was the debate between the two vice presidential candidates..... and I did not watch it, so that's the last I will discuss of it. A friend of mine once said regardless of who wins everything is still in God's hands. Why is it that Christians often forget this fact? I hear Christians and non-Christians alike go on about how we have to elect their candidate or else the world as we know it will end. So what do you think will happen if Obama gets elected? What about McCain? Truth is I don't care what will happen. In the end no matter who wins it's all in God's hands. Granted we have to do our part, and vote as God convicts us, but once we vote that's it, we need to let it go.

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Ryan and Kealy Thorson said...

Dude! Good thinking. The idea of putting trust and sovereignty in God can revolutionize our life and how much we worry about the future. Balancing that with are part to play in life and the missions and call God has placed on us to be ministers of the gospel, we can have a healthy vision of living in the 'now'.