Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's amazing how God does things. When he's trying to get something through to you he doesn't just tell you once and hope you take notes. Instead he continually reaffirms what it is he's trying to tell you, as if to say I told you so. Not long ago God laid it on my heart that he truly is in charge of everything, and I need to let go when things don't work out how I expect. This week God's reaffirmed that. Our classroom for our threes class is no more and we were supposed to have class in our "temp" classrooms. However due to the fact that things weren't inspected we instead had to have a massive class of the threes, fours, and fives all in one room. To be honest I was dreading it. I've helped at summer camps and VBS in the past and knew how chaotic it could get. Also my lesson plan was out the window since we wouldn't be teaching. Instead of 20+ three year olds we'd now have 50+ kids. Turns out that my dread was ill founded. Things went off as smooth as they could in a situation like that. Everyone did their part in preparing for it, and God did the rest.

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