Monday, January 5, 2009

Black Hole Sun

I haven't been posting often, but then again I haven't been listening for God's voice as often as I should either. In fact my free time lately seems to be spent trying to get around doing the things I need to do. For example I woke up, moved my clean laundry from my floor to my bed, went and harvested a container of fennel from the ton of the stuff we grew this last summer, then proceeded to try and distract myself with TV, radio, and the Internet. My time is shifting more towards trying to have fun all the time. Which kinda brings me to whats been on my heart, and that's Ecclesiastes 1:9. "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun". With all the talk of our generation being perverse, of it pursuing the things of the flesh, as if we were somehow more guilty then our parents has been bouncing in my head. I think of the Romans, who would eat and drink to the point where they puked, just to turn around and gorge themselves again. I think of the American Industrialists like Rockefeller, who pursued wealth and power at all costs. I think of our parents and grandparents, who experimented with drugs and free sex in the Haight. I look at all this and have to ask myself, whats changed? The world was flooded, Sodom was destroyed, Christ came, and yet here we are. It's almost as if we seek refuge in the idea that the next group will be worse, and we must save them from what we did, only to turn and say how truly horrible they were. The reality is sin isn't new. Our generation shouldn't be defined by our shortcomings, nor should we try to overcome them with our popular causes, or saving the environment. What if we defined our generation not by trying to save the world either from themselves, or their sin, but rather defined ourselves as individuals (not a generation) seeking God. If we are truly seeking God, and in his will, then the world would crumble away and it would not matter, for God would be in control. It's time to stop hiding in the crowd of society, it's time to stop trying to change the direction of the herd, it's time to step forward, be accountable for yourself and say "I'm guilty, do what you will Lord."

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2Peter3v18 said...

The interesting thing is we all have free agency to choose between good and bad. Age of accountability is up for argument but for my Church it's 8 years old. Interestingly, we all have the choice to choose to do something and the choice to do nothing at all. It's all in what you want to do. It's all in how your let your morals run your life. The good thing is, we won't be punished for or held accountable for the sins of our parents, or their parent, nor are we responsible for the sins of our descendants. We are accountable only for our own sins and transgressions.