Sunday, December 28, 2008

He Is The Christ

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago during a devotional, and they brought up the topic of the differences in our faiths. they proceeded to talk about how if the soul was eternal, then life, mawage, and family were therefore eternal also. They tried to tell me that that was the most glaring and major difference between us. Yet there is one thing above all else that should be considered when a Christian looks at other religions or faiths, and that simply rests on who Christ is too them. If they have the most biblical doctrine in the world, but Christ is not God, and didn't die for your sins then what good is doctrine? What good is it to have rules, prophets, powers, and beliefs, if there's nothing to overcome your sin? It reminds me of a question a Christian author had in his book. It said, "If Christ was not God would you still follow him?" The author was trying to point out how good Christs teachings were, and even answered his own question with a yes, because to him Christs teachings were so good, and therefore worthy to be followed. But what good is it to have Good teachings? As a Christian I need to figure out where my heart lies. Does it lie with good teachings? Or with the power of Christ our savior?

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2Peter3v18 said...

It lies within the Atoning sacrifice of God's only Begotten Son who died on the Cross for the sins of those prior to his life and those after his life. Amen.