Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sansabelt Slacks

I'm not sure what slacks have to do with today's post, other then the word slacks. I'm a horrible slacker. Last week I wasn't in the word at all, and struggled all week with pornography. It really sucked. I felt distant from God and still do now. Luckily I have a great group of guys as friends who pray for, and encourage me. So far I have been in the word everyday this week, but it feels like little consolation in light of the last two. This struggle against my desires has left me feeling like the worst of sinners, and a poor Christian. I see my friends growing in their Christian walk, passionate about God, and certain of his direction in their lives, and I feel left behind.

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William said...

Woah! You struggle with that, too? That makes me feel encouraged, because it reminds me that being a Christian man isn't about being perfect or appearing perfect, but acknowledging my imperfections and giving the issue over to God, just like you did in this post. I find I forget about that a lot.