Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Got It, And In Spades.

Awhile ago I posted on how only true justice existed within God, and that my sense of justice needed to take a back seat to God's will and purpose. I once heard it put that when you ask God for patience he makes you wait. So I ended up in a situation where I was being mistreated, and I let my sense of justice guide me rather then God's will. Just as I was feeling at my wits end, with my stomach tied in knots, exhausted from all the stress; God showed me that I needed to stop seeking justice and seek him. I get the feeling things may work out right in the end, but I understand that regardless of what happens I am in second place, and I need to seek refuge in God. Not only has God spoken to me through this situation, but he has given me far more insight in areas of my life that need to change then I ever truly thought I wanted.

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