Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Body

It seems allot of Christians have two ways they view the world. Either they believe its their job to make everyone follow their rules, or they believe that everyone makes their own rules and who are they to say otherwise. I've been reading allot in the old testament this year simply because Gods relationship with Israel fascinates me. One thing I've noticed is the way Gods law was set up. First there were basic rules that everyone was made to follow, followed by rules for Gods people, that all Gods people were required to follow. There wasn't any room for a follower of the way to decide what rules they felt were unnecessary. What if we did that here in the US? Wouldn't it be amazing if Christians said ok, here are the rules for everyone here, and here are the rules that all Christians are required to follow. Can you imagine what that would do? The world would see a unified front of believers, who followed God's principles instead of playing theological dodgeball. Of course there would be theological differences between us, and there would be room for those, but let's stop debating the big stuff that's obvious to us. Lets agree that theft, abortion, premarital sex, and all those other big things are things God desires his people to stay away from. Let's give up this perception that we have rights and privileges. We are children of the king, and under his authority, not the courts, and certainly not our own.

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