Friday, January 23, 2009

Fair Is Fair

I've tried to stay away from my political beliefs, because they really have nothing to do with this blog, but I've become disenchanted with Christians playing politics on both sides of the spectrum. It all started when Barack Obama was elected as president. I may not have voted for him, but I will certainly follow him as long as I am not asked to violate God's laws. The first thing I noticed however was all the Christians that voted for him going ape poo crazy about how the Christians who didn't need to submit, it is biblical after all. The thing that bothered me was these people were strangely silent when Bush was still president. I wasn't a fan of Bush's policies, but he was my president. Who was I to throw a tantrum. Why is it that we're all happy to follow God's rules when we agree with what's going on. Then for those who watch the news, a local politician was outed over the fact that he slept with an 18 year old intern just shortly after their 18th birthday, then lied, ruining the political career of his opponent. Most people don't debate the fact that if it was an 18 year old girl they would probably want him to stop down, but now very few of the Christians I know are gunning for him to step down. After all, forgiveness is important when it's your candidate in office.

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2Peter3v18 said...

The Bible commands us to obey all laws, local and such. This is part of the commandments. We are to support our President in prayer or whatever is necessary. We may not agree with some of the things he does or doesn't do.