Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meaningless Theology

Are you pre-trib or post-trib? A Calvinist or an Armenian? What are your thoughts on drinking? Dancing? Holding hands? Now sweep all those questions to the side, and focus on one. Are you going to heaven?

We criticize our parents and grandparents for drawing lines through there Christianity on all those points. We point out that even if we are a pre-trib Armenian who dances, holds hands, and enjoys beer we can still get to heaven. Yet even now we draw lines in our Christianity. We attach labels and measurements in order to determine what makes a real Christian as if our salvation depends on it. We forget that our salvation comes from Christ, and Christ alone. Not a set of interpretations of scripture. Our differences in theology rent the church, divide old and young, and still we continue down a path that destroys the church. Not sure where I'm gonna go with this yet, but I definitely felt the need to vent about this silliness.

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