Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The New Denominational Debate

I was raised neither a baptist nor an evangelical, yet as a young child I attended a baptist church, and for most of my life have attended an evangelical church. Strangely it seems I share this commonality with alot of kids my age (22 is still a kid right?) Many of us were raised up to believe that denominations didn't matter. We were told that all you had to do was love Christ and follow the bible. Of course there are some of us who are Armenian or Calvinist, but I have yet to hear any of my friends say either side isn't a "true Christian". So it seems strange to me that we are restarting this my faith is better and more real then yours bit. The only thing that's kept me away from the postmodernist movement is the fact that it aims to devide the church into right and wrong theology rather then unite the church under the banner of Christ. I've been told that this devision is good because it will cleanse the church of coruption just like the protestant reformation did. I'm not sure but last time I read up on my church history I remember reading about alot of bloodshed and revolt. Catholics killed Protestants, and Protestants killed Catholics. Do I believe Post Modernists and Traditionalists will kill each other? Of course not. I will say that there is much room for civility on both sides though. So without fail I'll get to what I want to say. Here are what I believe are the biggest lies of this movement from both sides.

1. The true message of Christ is to love and help one another and the traditional church has failed

I will fully agree that the church has fallen short of this goal, but is the fault in our theology? The people I know that favor post modernist views are all for helping the poor and downtrodden, yet they don't show up in droves to fill food boxes and sort clothing for the needy. Granted I fall short in this too. Maybe the answer isn't in advocating for change, but putting your head down and being the change, If someone older then you doesn't like what you're doing then instead of writing a book about how their wrong and your right just put your head down and do what God's called you to do. What's wrong with good old humility?

2. Post Modernist lack sound biblical knowledge and live life based on feeling.

I think this has to do with the more casual Christians that branch away from the traditional church to join the movement, but it also has to do with the fact that some of the beliefs put forth by some of the leaders in this movement aren't biblical. Truth is there are things that our my denomination believes that aren't biblical. Just because someone has erred doesn't make them stupid or uneducated, it just makes them human.

3. Solving humanitarian crises is more important than winning souls

Granted I worded this one in a funky way that favors my views, but this tends to be what I hear from alot of people. They believe that they have more of a responsibility to feeding starving children, curing diseases, and solving the worlds problems then winning souls. The reason I say this is because of this view that they need God more. I'm told that us wealthy Americans have it far to good and that the only way to truly minister to the poorer is by serving them. I agree! We need to be out there feeding the hungry and comforting the sick, but we need to not forget those who aren't hungry or sick also. God gave his son so that none should parish. So instead of being hostile towards people for what they have, let's reach out to anyone, and everyone without Christ

Okay I've typed long enough and it's late.


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